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Friday, November 20, 2009

Things to do in “Santorini” the most Desired Holiday Destination of Greece

Greece is the most desired destination for visitors around the world due to its beautiful climate, beaches, landscapes, volcanoes, prehistoric monuments and its divinely gifted islands. Among all the other islands in Greece, Cycladic islands are the most preferred ones, particularly “Santorini islands”. Santorini is the most popular island among tourists and consider it as “jewel in crown”. The sight of its impressive black and red sandy beaches, the luxurious hotels and houses clinging to the edge of the cliffs is something that is rarely seen and makes for some fantastic photos and hours of simply drinking in the view.

In Santorini, the most pleasant, spectacular and breath taking moment is the reddish yellow sunset. The beautiful sunset of Santorini has an unforgettable impact in the mind of visitors those who have ever observed this at least once. It provides Santorini the truly deserved reputation every day and also returns true value to the visitors traveling expenses. Simply this is unforgettable and inexpressible.

Santorini has another importance for newly married couples as a perfect honeymoon destination. Most hotels understand this and do everything they can to provide a cherished and romantic environment. Imagine wandering the narrow, twisting streets in the evening before watching the sun go down in a quiet cafe and finally sharing a private dinner for two, everywhere surrounded by white and blue buildings with the view of the Caldera and you are makings a dream honeymoon there.

Things to Do in Santorini, Greece

There are so many things to do and enjoy in Santorini for the visitors. Every pleasurable arrangement is there in Santorini to make the vacation tour unforgettable and enjoyable for tourists. Visit beautiful villages, unique beaches, museums, ride mules and travel with cable cars. Wandering through the towns of Fira and Oia offer hours of entertainment while visiting shops, overlooking the Caldera, stopping for food and drink,. However the true entertainment offered by Santorini is the view of the ever-changing light and shadow as the sun rises, travels over, and then sets across the Caldera. For visitors entertainment Santorini is offering water sports, Sun umbrellas, restaurants, nightclubs, beach resorts, traditional tavernas, bars and many more as follows:

1). Visit Beautiful Villages of Santorini, Greece

Santorini Villages are exceptionally beautiful with unique character and style and regarded among most popular villages of Greece. Among all other villages, Fira and Oia are the most popular and very touristy, always flooded with visitors. If you are looking for beach resort then Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos are suitable for you. Fira is the capital of Santorini.

About some of the popular Santorini villages are as follows:

Fira Santorini

Fira is the capital of Santorini officially known as Thera and regarded as one of the most important villages in Santorini Greece with nearly about 2000 inhabitants. The city is situated at the west side of the Island. This village is very touristy with white painted houses, blue windows and doors separated by small narrow streets.

Fira is so touristy that during the pick season the streets become crowded with all kind of shops, jewelers, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Fira is the best place for shopping jewelries.

Kamari Village

Kamari is one of the most planned villages of Santorini, which was rebuilt after 1956 earthquake. Now this village is a popular tourist resort with lots of hotels and rooms of all budget and category to welcome every individual. This village was developed very quickly because of the sea and always crowded beach.

Kamari is established in Northwest with 1300 permanent residents, at a distance of 11 kilometers from Fira. No need to worry for accommodation and entertainment in the village as you can get lots of hotels, rooms, several restaurants, taverns and bars. For entertainment you can find bars and discos.

Month of August is the best time to book accommodation in Kamari. In the month of august you can have the opportunity to go through their local festival name “Kamariano Panighyri". During this festival the participants are offered with plenty of music, dance, wine and food.

Imerovigli Village

Imerovigli is situated at the north of the island with typically Cycladic settlement, which is only 2 Kilometers away from the capital of Island Fira. This is a picturesque village with spectacular view to the Caldera as this village is situated on a higher cliff.

One can find many hotels, white washed traditional houses, narrow streets, small churches and some nice taverns. Imerovigli is a quite and beautiful village. As this village is so near to Fira, can be access by walk.

Akrotiri of Santorini

Akrotiri is located at the famous red beach, which is 15 kilometers far from Fira. This Village has been regarded as the very famous archeological place. This is also called the buried city of Santorini as this village was buried under the volcanic ash. The Akrotiri was belongs to Minoan settlement, which had been disappeared under the volcanic ashes during 1500 BC due to volcanic explosion. Due to volcanic soil everything is well preserved

Village of Firostefani

The village of Firostefani is established to the north of Fira. This village offers tourists a nice evening to enjoy the sunset of unique beauty. Firostefani contain lots of hotels from where one can view the beautiful and breath taking Santorini sunset completely.

Access to this village is possible by public busses, Taxis and moter bikes. As Firostefani is very near to Fira, you can go by walking. You also can get nice accommodation solution matching to all budget and taste

Monolithos Village

Monolithos is small village at a distance of 9km from Fira. This is a typical Cycladic village with traditional white washed houses. Monolithos is accessible by public busses, taxi and motorbikes.

Monolithos is less crowded in comparison to Perissa and Kamari.

Oia Village – popular for its Romantic Sunset.

Oia is 11 km far from Fira pronounced, as Ia. Oia is one of the popular villages in Santorini established at the northwest edge of the Island. This village is popular in all over the world for it’s romantic and breathtaking sunset. The purple sunset takes the breath away when it spreads the fabulous colors through out the sky during the time of sun sinks in the in to the sea.

One can find the amazing work of artists in local art galleries. Oia is so beautiful that it has been one of the most favorite places for the artists from all over the world. Artists fell in love with the breath taking views of this village and get settled for ever in Oia. For this reason you can see lots of art galleries in the village of Oia. The streets of this village are also packed with expensive jewellery boutiques. Oia is also very renowned for it’s quite life and artistic views.

The village of Oia has great cultural attraction which can be found in Maritime museum. By visiting the maritime museum one can find a wide idea about the maritime life of the area. Oia also consists of a port name "Ammoudi". As Ameni beach is located in Oia, you can have a tasty meal of fresh fish here.

Santorini romantic sunset is so amazing and beautiful that couples like to spend till late afternoon in the company of each others. The couples try to store this 15 minutes breathtaking view for ever in their memory as a lifetime experience. The hotels in Oia make special arrangement for couples to view the attractive sunset with their companies. The purpose of this arrangement from hotels is to attract the couples come from all over the world to view the romantic sunset.

2.) Visit Unique Colored Beaches of Santorini, Greece

Traveling around the Santorini beaches has been a great experience for visitors from all over the world. The Santorini beaches are extremely beautiful due to the deep blue crystal clear water of ocean with spectacular white, red and black sand. This island is gifted with beautiful beaches with uniquely colored sand. Most of the Santorini beaches are having the black sand that creates an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Some of the most popular beaches in Santorini are,

• Kamari Beach
• Perissa Beach
• Monolithos beach
• Red beach near Akrotiri

Kamari Beach

This is the longest, busiest and the most developed beach as a beach Holiday resort, situated 10 kilometers south east of Fira. The general landscape of the beach is much similar to Perissa with spectacular black sands.

Kamari is the hot spot for visitors offering varieties of hotels, rooms, tavernas, restaurants, beach bars, cafes, water sports, sun umbrellas and night clubs to entertain the visitors.

Perissa Beach

Perissa beach is counted among the popular beaches in the Island situated south east of Fira. It is a very tourist crowded village with impressive and amazing black sandy beach. The village of Perissa is newly built with an aim to attract tourists. Perissa town becomes more crowded in summer holidays.

As Village of Perissa is a touristy town, it offers great verity of hotels, taverns, restaurants, bars, beach bars, rooms and night clubs.

Monolithos Beach

Monolithos is nearest to the Kamari and located 9 Kilometers from Fira and close to the airport. This impressive golden sandy beach consists of a great potential, but suffers from the strong wind that clatter across the sand.

This beach offers few hotels, beach bars, children’s play area, basket ball court, football pitch and umbrellas. This is a very organized beach divided in to two parts, one is family part and another one is quite part. The quite part is suitable for couples.

Red Beach

Red beach has fine red sand and rocks. This beach is very popular for the unique color sand and the hill behind it. The beach get it’s name from the lava red cliff and red sand.

Due to small beach area it gets crowded quickly. One can find chairs, umbrellas, and paddleboats for rent.

The red beach is accessible by private cars or rent cars and then walking by the lot. It also can be reached by sea with help of boats that departs from the ports of Akrotiri and Fira

Visitors also can find few other beaches like Cape Columbo, Vlychada, Monolithos Beach, Paradise Beach, Ammoudi, Perivolos Vourvoulos Beach, Agios Georgios and Baxedes Beach in Santorini islands, Greece.

3.) Visit the Museums

If you are very much interested to know about the rich culture and ancient history of Santorini then don’t forget to visit Santorini museums. Some of the popular Santorini museums are - The Archaeological Museum, Museum of Prehistoric Thira, The Naval Museum, Akrotiri Excavations, The Folklore Museum, Santorini Wine Museum, The Megaron Gyzi and The Folklore Museum.

4.) Enjoy Mule Riding

Riding mules is a great experience for the visitors coming to Santorini Island. Often visitors go up to the town of Fira by mule riding. By paying a little amount the visitors can take the amazing experience of mule riding.

5.)Travel with Cable Cars

Traveling with cable cars by viewing the Santorini scenery is another attraction for the visitors. If you are a photographer then keep you camera ready to store all the beauty. Within three minutes you can reach the amazing town of Fira with the help of cable cars.

6.) Rent a Car for Luxury and Comfort

Renting a Car in Santorini you and your family can enjoy the holiday tour with luxury, comfort and freedom. One thing you keep in mind that there should be a good experienced driver for the narrow and windy roads of Santorini. Contact the car rental agents for an English speaking driver who can act as a guide for your happy and comfortable journey.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Explore the Santorini Island – Rent a car for luxury Santorini Travel

Santorini is one of the most popular vacation destinations in all over the world and also regarded as the greatest wonder where the volcano is live till today. Santorini offers amazing things to do and see for the holidaymakers. This volcanic Island is popular for high mountain cliffs, deep blue sea, colour beaches, picturesque villages and breathtaking sunsets.

The Best way to travel Santorini with car rental

Santorini is a small Island, which consists of so many things to do and see. If you are a first time visitor to Santorini then it is better to rent a car to explore the entire Santorini thoroughly. This is the best way to travel the Santorini as per your own suitability and convenience. If you want to know the rich culture and long history of Santorini as well as want to get clarified all your questions then you can hire a tour guide.

With the help of your car rental you will find your Santorini vacation travel absolutely relaxing and fun without any confusion. With your car rental you can travel the beautiful beaches, Santorini museums, archaeological sites, wineries, breath taking sunsets view and at last you can have a nice shopping

Renting a car can help you lot during your Santorini sightseeing, because of the following factors:

1)No fear of confusion
2)Travel as per your own suitability
3)It will allow you to have a longer drive
4)You can get 24 hours road assistance from your car rental agency
5)No need to worry if some thing happens to car. You car rental company will take care of everything


Renting a car in Santorini is a great way to enjoy the vacation as per your suitability and comfort, which ensure you to have an unforgettable travel experience

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rent a Suitable Car in Santorini by Thinking about your Luxury and Comfort

Santorini Rental Cars
Santorini Islands of Greece are the storehouse of amazing sceneries of unique beaches gifted by nature. When you arrive in Santorini, a rental car is very essential to explore the spectacular destinations of this supernatural island. If you are new to the islands of Santorini then you need to rent a car with an English speaking driver who will act as a guide for your comfortable and relaxing journey.

The Islands of Santorini outfitted with numerous car rental agencies for providing convenient and fun making vacation trip with amazing sight seeing attractions. Millions of visitors come to Santorini every year and enjoy this magical island, which is gifted with amazing landscapes, beautiful unique beaches, small villages, museums, live volcano, calderas and many more.

It’s not a difficult task to find the car rental companies in Santorini. You can find the car rental agencies in Santorini with the help of Internet under the search terms Santorini car hire or Santorini car rental. By searching with these terms you will find a large range of car rental companies to book your car rental.

For a comfort and memorable traveling experience in Santorini you need to hire a luxury car. You can find all range of cars in car rental agencies as per your preference and suitability. For a comfortable and unforgettable travel experience you can choose a suitable rental car as discussed bellow:

Small Manual Cars

Small manual cars are suitable for short distance journey within your city or just little distance out of the city. The manual cars are considered as the economy cars, which are easy to park and drive in the narrow roads of Santorini because of their small in size. If you are seeking for a small distance journey within a limit or city journey in Santorini then small manual cars are suitable for you.

Family Cars

Family cars are convenient to travel the Santorini with your family or with a small group of people. How ever the family cars are having the arrangement of 5 seats or more. These cars are very comfortable and are suitable for rough roads. If you wish to travel the whole Santorini along with the entire mountainous road, then choose a family car with powerful engine. This will make your journey hassle free with great comfort. Fuel efficiency of these cars is also manageable.

Automatic cars

One can find automatic cars in various rental agencies. These cars are not suitable for mountainous road of Santorini Island and petrol consumption also very high incase of automatic cars. For this reason these cars are not commonly used by the visitors and the car rental rates of these cars also very costly.

Cars with Open-roof

Experiencing the spectacular Santorini with open-roof cars is remarkable, which you may not get in any other car. The environment of Santorini is not as polluted as other industrial countries. So it will be a great experience to enjoy the fresh and non-polluted air of Santorini by traveling with open-roof cars.